A career in modeling can offer fantastic opportunities to travel meet interesting people.

As a modeling agency, we do not charge models any fees upfront for representation or for any services we provide.

We pride ourselves on operating on a commission -only basis, which means that we only earn a percentage of the earnings that our models generate through bookings and other related activities.

Please submit the following wearing form fitted clothing and minimal make up to be scouted by one of Toronto modeling agencies.

(Professional pictures are NOT required. Female Models should be at least 5’9 & Male models at least 6’0)

  • Attach 3 pictures
  1. Head shot, looking straight into the camera
  2. Side Profile shot, looking to the right – hair pulled up and away from face
  3. Full length frontal shot, head to toe
  • Height – Bust/Waist/Hips –Shoe – Hair/Eye colour

Attachments and measurements can be sent to:

Disclaimer: It is important to note that we do not guarantee any specific amount of work or income for our models. The amount of work and earnings a model can expect will vary based on many factors, such as their experience, skills availability, and market demand. We do not guarantees on a models success in the industry,